We try to collect as little data as possible from our users. However, it is not possible without collecting data. We only ask you to provide personal information when it is needed to provide services to you. All personal information is collected by fair and lawful means, with your full knowledge and consent. We will also let you know why we’re collecting it and how it will be used.



The website saves cookies on your computer in your browser as soon as you log in via Discord. With the help of these cookies, the website always knows who is logged in. You cannot log in without these cookies.
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On the website you log in via Discord. This gives the website access to the following data in your account:
ID, username, avatar, discriminator, flags, banner, language, email

The website also has access to the servers you are on. The website receives the following data from them via Discord:
ID, name, icon, your permissions on the server

For more details on data protection through Discord Inc.:

Atlassian (Statuspage)

Atlassian Corporation plc services are integrated on this website in order to be able to display updates from the status page directly here.
For more details on data protection through Atlassian:

Deletion of all data (website)

Your data that is stored during your website visit (support tickets) can be deleted by request (e-mail). All other stored data is either deleted by closing the current browser session or is related to the bot, which is explained in more detail below.



The bot collects some data about the Discord servers it is on, some are mandatory and others make it easier to use.


As soon as the bot comes to a server, it saves its ID so that settings can be saved later. Furthermore, the bot saves the radio stations you have already listened to, so that it does not have to ask each time whether this is the right one.


All settings mentioned below are only saved if you change one of the following settings.

Once the prefix (default: $), language (default: English) or volume (default: 80) are changed from their default settings, these changed settings are saved along with the Server ID.
Also, when you activate Premium status on a server, your user ID is saved along with the server ID.
The bot automatically saves the last 100 songs played, although this can be deactivated on this website.
As soon as the moderation tool has been activated on this website, the bot also saves all settings that are made in this regard.
If you save a queue, each individual song will be saved together with the server ID.
If you limit the use of the bot to certain roles, the bot saves the IDs of these roles.

If you upload an audio file, it will be saved for the duration of the playback and then deleted from the servers. (However, it remains on the Discord servers.)

Other data

All other data to which the bot has access that is not specifically mentioned here (e.g. message content) is not stored externally, but is only processed within the program. So no one has access to it.


Any administrator of a server can delete all saved data on a Discord server. All you have to do is run the "$reset" command. (The reset button in the website settings only resets the settings made in the form, but does not delete all saved data.)

Deletion of all data (bot)

All data will be permanently deleted as soon as the bot is kicked off the server.

Premium user

From all users who support the bot via Patreon, their Discord ID, the amount paid and the date they became a patron are saved. This data is stored as long as the user is a Patreon.

For more details on data protection through Patreon:


We reserve the right to adapt this data protection declaration so that it always corresponds to the applicable legal requirements or to implement changes to our services in the data protection declaration, e.g. when introducing new services. The new data protection declaration will then apply to your next visit.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:
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